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The development includes six townhouses over three-storeys at 174 Corlette Street, The Junction, including 5 x 3 bedroom and 1 x 4 bedroom townhouses with secure garage parking on the ground floor.

To enable development of the site to its full potential, the concept of elevating living spaces and Private Open Space to Level 1 was used with the ground floor which is reserved for residential entries, car parking and some home office/guest bedrooms, as well as landscaping.


In planning the ground floor we have opted to separate the vehicular and pedestrian access, to the north and south respectively, which has allowed retention of existing trees on site and opportunity for improved landscaping.

Each townhouse includes a double garage within the secure parking area provided at Ground Level and an area for bin storage.

The proposed scale, bulk and height are considered appropriate to the existing and desired future character of the street and surrounding buildings.

In terms of built form and massing the proposed building rises to the north and progressively breaks down and slopes down to the south in section to address the existing built form of the two storey townhouses adjacent.

The proposed density of the development is considered appropriate and sustained by existing infrastructure, public transport routes, proximity to The Junction, CBD and beach and community parklands.


Townhouse development


Corlette St

The Junction NSW


Development Approval received April 2019

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